About NRRC

​​For decades, various applications of radiation have been widely used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the Kingdom)  in various important fields. These applications are growing in vital areas such as medicine, industry, research, and education. Recently, policy on nuclear energy for power generation is also introduced in order to contribute to the diversification of the Kingdom's national energy resources. Work is underway to build the first nuclear power plant to generate electricity in the Kingdom. Nuclear and radiation application require an appropriate regulatory control and an effective national framework to ensure for the safety, security and safeguards of such activities, practices, and facilities. The Kingdom is also committed to the implementation of obligations under the relevant international nuclear legal instruments that include the requirement for the establishment of an independent regulatory body. Subsequent to this commitm​​ent, the Cabinet Decision No (334) dated 25/6/1439 AH has approved the establishment of the NRRC as an independence regulatory body with provision of financial and administrative capacity with direct reporting to the Prime Minister Office.


The NRRC is mandated with the following tasks:

• Regulate activities, practices and facilities of the peaceful and safe use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation.

• Protect humans and the environment from any actual or potential radiation exposure, including exposure to natural radiation.

• ​Control and ensure the safety and security of such uses and their compliance with nuclear safeguads.

•​ Implement the Kingdom's international obligations under the relevant treaties and conventions.​​​