Strategic Plan and Objectives

​NRRC has completed its foundational strategy for the three years (2021-2023). The development of this strategy has resulted in the formulation of the vision and mission of NRRC, as well as a set of values. The objective of this strategy is to fulfil the functions of NRRC included in its statute in accordance with the best international standards. The strategy includes two categories of objectives leading to this end. The first category relates to regulatory functions and operations under the responsibilities and functions of NRRC. The second category includes the objectives that enable the building of the NRRC's capabilities to fulfill its tasks and responsibilities. The strategy has 15 objectives in total, and more than 50 initiatives have been identified to achieve them, many of which are of a foundational nature.​   Details​ 

Quality Framework: 

At Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) providing quality and achieving beneficiaries’ satisfaction is not just a landmark but a continuous journey of dedication and improvement. For us beneficiaries’ satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy, and we believe it can be best achieved by establishing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System. Therefore, we at NRRC remain committed to the following principles​:   Details​