Board of Directors

The Board of directors of NRRC shall consist of a chairman, appointed by royal order, an executive officer, and five members who are specialists and experts in areas relevant to the work of the NRRC, appointed by decision of the Council of Ministers. The Board shall oversee the administration and conduct of the affairs of NRRC and make all decisions necessary to achieve its objectives in accordance with its regulations. In particular, NRRC shall oversee the following:

  1. ​Oversee the execution of the tasks assigned to it.
  2.  Approve of the general policies relating to the activity of NRRC and the plans and programs necessary to achieve them.
  3. Proposing draft regulations relating to the terms of reference of NRRC, propose amendments to them in force, submitting them for approval in accordance with established procedures.
  4. Approve of technical regulations on nuclear and radiological activities, practices, and facilities.
  5. Approve of administrative, financial, and other internal regulations.
  6. Approving and submitting the organizational structure for final approval in accordance with established procedures.
  7. Approving the establishment of branches and offices within the Kingdom.
  8. Approving its annual budget, balance sheet, auditor's report, and annual report, in preparation for submission for approval in accordance with applicable statutory procedures.
  9. Adoption of the annual report of its activities.
  10. Determine the financial equivalent of the licenses issued by NRRC and the services and works provided by it.
  11. Appointment of an external financial auditor and an internal financial controller.
  12. Approval of periodic reports to the Board of directors on the conduct of its work.​