Nuclear Security and nonproliferation

Nuclear Security 

Nuclear security aims to prevent, detect, and respond to any theft, sabotage, unauthorized arrival, unlawful transfer (or other criminal offense) of nuclear material, nuclear-related items, radioactive material, or sabotage of associated facilities.  Nuclear security includes:

  • - Security of nuclear facilities.

  • - Security of nuclear and radioactive materials during the transport phase.

  • - Security of nuclear and radioactive materials during the use and storage phase.

NRRC established the National Technical Plan to strengthen the nuclear security system and combat the illicit circulation of nuclear materials, radioactive materials, and contaminated goods, using sophisticated technical means of self-control. These technical tools were built in several regions within the Kingdom. The relevant bodies have also been provided with operational technical specifications for their adoption in their system to monitor the illicit circulation of such materials and to integrate with the Emergency Operations Centre of NRRC. NRRC has also drawn up a proposal for regulations requiring some factories to adopt technical controls in accordance with requirements that are associated with NRRC's emergency operations center.


Most international obligations within the competence and functions of NRRC are of great importance, such as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) and its subsequent comprehensive safeguards agreement. Since its inception, NRRC has been working on the development and management of the national accounting system for accounting for and control of nuclear materials and on the preparation of technical regulations that contribute to the control of its national nuclear and radiological activities. NRRC is also working on controlling the import and export nuclear-related items those concern a material, goods, technology, software, or data linked to the nuclear or radiological aspect, as well as nuclear and non-nuclear dual-use materials, the uses of which are subject to conditions-and radioactive sources -radioactive materials or radiation-exporting devices. This includes licensing nuclear and radiological facilities and activities in various areas after verification of safety requirements.​