​​​(NRRC-R-01) Radiation Safety

This regulation sets out the general safety requirements in ensuring the protection of people and the environment against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and for the safety of radiation sources. Details​


(NRRC-R-02) Notification on and Authorization of Facilities and Activities with Radiation Sources

This regulation prescribes the general requirements for notification and authorization of activities, facilities and practices with a radiation source, nuclear material and/or ore containing uranium and thorium in the Kingdom, including the provision of authorization conditions. The Regulation also prescribed provision for the amendment, renewal, suspension, revocation, and termination of authorization. The regulation also specifies the documents required for notification to NRRC of facilities and activities with radiation sources to be authorized. It also defines the framework for the implementation of the fee for authorization purposes. Details​ 

(NRRC-R-03​) ​Licensing and Regulatory Oversight of Nuclear Facilities

This Regulation sets out the licensing requirements of nuclear facilities and the general requirements of the licensee. It also identifies the stages of licensing, the responsibilities of the licensee in the event of modification, suspension, or cancellation of the license, and the documents and information that the licensee is required to provide to NRRC throughout the operation of the nuclear facility, in addition to clarifying the basic stages of licensing (spatial location, construction, operation, decommissioning and closure); and the requirements and conditions required for each of these stages.Details​

(NRRC-R-04) Leadership and Management for Safety​

This Regulation sets out the general requirements for the command and management of nuclear facilities and their human personnel in order to provide optimal levels of nuclear safety at such facilities. This Regulation also contributes to the development of requirements to promote a culture of nuclear safety. Details​

(NRRC-R-05) Site Evaluation of Nuclear Facilities

This Regulation establishes the requirements for assessing the location of the nuclear facility in order to ensure the safety and protection of the facility from phenomena associated with the spatial site. This is to achieve adequate protection of the humans and the environment against potentially harmful radioactive effects, which may arise from or because of the nuclear facility. The Regulation also aims at establishing adequate design bases for the nuclear facility to ensure the safety and ability to implement nuclear and radiological emergency measures. Details


(NRRC-R-06) Design of Nuclear Facilities

This Regulation is designed to establish the requirements for the design of nuclear power plant structures, systems, and components, as well as the regulatory procedures and processes that are relevant to nuclear safety and that need to be met for safe operation. This is to prevent accidents that could compromise safety, in order to mitigate the negative consequences of such accidents. Details 

(NRRC-R-07) Safety Assessment of Nuclear Facilities

This Regulation aims at identifying the regulatory requirements for safety assessment of the nuclear facility throughout its operational period, to ensure that the nuclear safety requirements of each nuclear facility are met. This Regulation sets out the responsibilities and requirements for managing and self-conducting safety assessment efforts and reviews the specific requirements of both design assessments and periodic safety audits. Details​ 

(NRRC-R-08) Construction and Commissioning of Nuclear Facilities

The purpose of this Regulation is to identify the requirements for the construction and commissioning of the nuclear facility, which will enable achieving safety, quality, and compatibility with the design requirements and to assess the spatial location of the facility. The Regulation sets out the basic responsibilities, requirements and administrative principles governing the construction and commissioning stages, as well as safety culture requirements for these two stages. Details​ 

(NRRC-R-09) Operations of Nuclear Facilities

This Regulation is designed to establish requirements and conditionalities for the safe operation of nuclear power plants, including the maintenance and modification during the operational life of the plant, as well as the preparation for decommissioning - that is not the decommissioning process per se. This is until nuclear fuel is removed from the facility, so that the decommissioning process can be carried out safely. Details 

(NRRC-R-10) Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

The purpose of this Regulation is to specify the safety requirements to be met for the decommissioning of the nuclear facility, facilities, and buildings, including the land on which it is located and associated equipment. This is because there may be areas of land contaminated during the operation of the facility, and the cleaning of these areas forms part of the decommissioning during the life cycle of the nuclear installation, the location and design of the facility and the final permission to decommission. Details 

(NRRC-R-11) Nuclear Security​

The purpose of this Regulation is to provide regulatory requirements for the security of nuclear facilities and the storage and transport of nuclear materials, and to ensure that these requirements are met. Details 

(NRRC-R-12) Nuclear Material Accountancy and Control

The purpose of this Regulation is to define the responsibilities of the licensee and to establish the requirements for the application of the National System of Control of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Activities (the country’s Law for accounting and controlling nuclear materials). This is in accordance with the comprehensive safeguards agreement between the Kingdom and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Details 

(NRRC-R-14) Nuclear Facilities Emergency Preparedness and Response

The purpose of this Regulation is to identify prior arrangements and preparations for relevant incidents, or what may affect the safety of the nuclear facility or its location. This Regulation sets out the requirements for an appropriate level of preparedness for and response to nuclear or radiological emergencies in order to mitigate their negative consequences if they occur, whatever their causes. Details 

(NRRC-R-15) Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials

The purpose of this Regulation is to identify the requirements that must be met in order to ensure safety, protect humans, the environment and property from the harmful effects of radiation during the transport of radioactive materials.  ( under preparation )

(NRRC-R-16) Management of Radioactive Waste

This regulation sets out the safety objectives, criteria and requirements for the protection of human health and the environment that shall be applied to the activities and to the facilities for the predisposal management of radioactive waste, and the requirements that shall be met to ensure the safety of such activities and facilities. Details 

(NRRC-R-17) Security of Radioactive Materials

The purpose of this regulation is to present the regulatory requirements for the security of radioactive materials throughout their life cycle against unauthorized removal of the radioactive material and sabotage. Details​ 

(NRRC-R-18) Authorization and Regulatory Control of Nuclear-Related Items

This regulation provides the regulatory requirements for control of nuclear related items and the responsibilities of the person conducting related activities, for the purpose of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The regulation applies to the development, production, import, export, re-export, transfer, transit, trans-shipment of nuclear related items, including technology and software, and any other activities related to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. This regulation details out requirements for notification, authorization and control of the activities under this regulation. Details​​​ 

(NRRC-R-19) Recognition Requirement for Building Competence, Qualification, and Training for Radiation Protection and Safety

This Regulation sets out the main responsibilities of the parties with regard to training human personnel, protecting them from radiation and ensuring their safety.  ​( under preparation ) 

(NRRC-R-20) Information Protection and Cybersecurity

This Regulations prescribed minimum requirements for the protection of sensitive information and cybersecurity against conventional threats, including cyberattack against nuclear and other radioactive materials in the Kingdom. The regulation complements provision on information protection, including its computer based systems through assurance of cybersecurity as provided in the Regulations on Nuclear Security (NRRC-R-11) and the Regulations on Security of Radioactive Materials (NRRC-R-17). The provisions under the regulation are in line with the requirements set forth by the Competent Security Agencies in order to protect its vital interests, national security, critical infrastructures, high priority sectors and governmental services and practices in the Kingdom.  ( under preparation )